Hello, I’m Ella Hunter, a studio artist, graphic designer, and writer.

I’m from Winter Park Florida, i.e. the land of Lily Pulitzer and base of Rifle Paper Company! I grew up surrounded by creative people and places. I was drawing from the time I could hold a pen. Then, in high school, my love literature and art developed into a love of writing. I believe the kind of writing I do is a form of artistic expression. I am now a sophomore at Baylor University continuing work in both.

By taking art classes, creative writing classes, and professional writing/rhetoric classes I have refined my persuasive writing skills in a marketing capacity. My Professional Writing and Rhetoric Major also allowed me to select classes that balanced my creative pursuits with practical workplace writing. I currently do commissions in studio art, graphic design, and creative writing. I hope to one day work in a field that merges my biggest passions, art, writing and story telling.

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This website is for employers, and clients seeking commissioned work from me to get a sense of my abilities and previous work. The idea that everyone and everything has a story has been portrayed in my art work, writing, and design. I believe that telling that story well is essential to client relationships and good marketing.

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Identity study


Commissioned Work

Weddings and Ballet

These are pieces that were bought or attached to merchandise

These are pieces that were done for class assignments

I have always loved the idea of elegance both in ballet and brides this idea is explored here in different mediums

Short Story Work

First Year Writing


These are deliverables, and branding/graphic projects I have dedicated time to

This was a study done in identity and personal stories. This series is meant to evoke questions such as who am I, what defines us, and what makes us human. Everyone has a story, whether they keep it to themselves or share it with the world. What stories do you see in these pieces?

This project was a graphic design branding of Baylor First Year Writing department we created logos, stickers, and bookmarks to the clients preference.

The Neighborhood

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Set in 1945 a girl grows up with love and support from her neighbors only to find out that maybe they weren’t supportive enough when all is said and done.